The pendulum is a physical system formed by a suspended mass that oscillates under the action of gravity, and exhibits a periodic back-and-forth motion.

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Health benefits using an esoteric pendulum

  • Connecting with intuition and spirituality: The esoteric pendulum is often used as a tool to connect with intuition and spirituality. By using the pendulum, some people feel they can access deeper information or insights, which can provide a sense of connection and emotional well-being.
  • Self-exploration and self-knowledge: Using the pendulum can be a form of self-exploration and self-knowledge. By asking questions and receiving answers through the pendulum’s movement, some people can reflect on their own emotions, thoughts and desires, which can foster personal growth and self-reflection.

Examples; forms of use.

  • Dowsing and Esoteric Use: In practices such as dowsing, the pendulum is used as a tool to search for subway water, minerals or lost objects. Although its effectiveness is not scientifically supported, some people, such as dowsers, urban dowsers and shamans, find utility in its use.
  • Determining local gravity: Pendulums have been used to determine local gravity in different locations. By measuring the period of oscillation of a pendulum at a specific location, it is possible to calculate the gravitational acceleration at that location.
  • Relaxation and mental focus (self-imnosis) : Some people use pendulums as a tool for mental focus and relaxation. Observing the smooth, steady motion of the pendulum can help induce a state of calm and concentration.
  • Scientific experiments: Pendulums are used in scientific experiments to study simple harmonic motion and the laws of physics. They provide a simple and controllable system for investigating the properties of oscillatory motion.

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