Dowsing rods in stock

Discover the power of dowsing rods and unblock hidden energies. Dare to experience their magic today! Buy your dowsing rods and awaken your intuition!

Dowsing Rods and Professional Pendulums Pack; Dowsing rods of Zahori, copper rods for geobiology, dowsing rods with handle.

This kit is made of copper and the properties of this metal are very conductive with energy; but with time and use, they tend to lose their luster and can turn green-blue if they get wet; even so, they still maintain their conductivity properties.

If what you want is a nice aesthetics of the product, you can maintain it, applying a special transparent paint, (galvanized); losing the effectiveness of conductivity, BUT NOT THEIR EFFECTIVENESS OF USE.

FLEXIBLE Dowsing Rods STAINLESS STEE; adjustable dowsing rods dowsing tool durable, flexible dowsing accessories dowsing tool witchcraft measuring instruments.

Professional Brass Dowsing Rods DELUJO Model – Brass Zahori Wands and Copper Handle – Water Dowsing Wand, Divination, Geobiology, Feng Shui, Source Finding.

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