Dowsing Rods

Also known as dowsing rods or divining rods, they are tools used in dowsing practices. They are usually made of metal, usually copper or brass wire, although some prefer them to be made of wood, specifically hazel, pine, oak, etc; and have an «L» or «Y» shape. Each end of the rod is held with one hand, while the other end is pointing forward. This instrument detects geopathies (currye and hartmann lines).

Physico-esoteric health benefits

  • search for groundwater or mineral veins.
  • detecting unbalanced chakras,
  • blockages in the aura.
  • Find geopathies.
  • Receive yes or no answers.
  • Find objects
  • Measure the diameter of the aura, electro-magnetic field or toroid.
  • Check the activation of the Merkaba.

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